Renew Relaxation Massage

Designed to focus on the techniques that will relax you, relieve stress, and provide you with a sense of calmness and full body wellness.

50/80 minutes

Lymphatic Massage

Intended to motivate the body’s own immune system to go into a mode of enhanced healing by increasing the circulation, thus reducing the swelling and eliminating toxins of the body in a more efficient fashion. This massage is an option for those who are having or have had a surgery, and will help accelerate healing while providing a more comfortable recovery.

50/80 minutes

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage

A full body massage formulated to utilize a deeper and more intense strokes to relax and work out soreness in the muscles. This massage can also address particular issues such as sciatica, whiplash, migraines and other chronic pain issues that may require specific techniques for relief.

50/80 minutes

Hot Stone Massage

Utilizes the warmth of heated volcanic basalt stones in rhythm with a relaxing massage. The heat relieves and erases stress and tension while loosening tight muscles.

50/80 minutes

Sports Massage

Designed to address and loosen muscle groups that are utilized in a specific sport or activity. Highly recommended for pre activity to potentially enhance performance and help prevent injury.

50/80 minutes

Reflexology Massage

Employs the feet and the hands while manipulating the reflex pressure points thus providing enhanced circulation for the body.  The reflex points represent different parts or organs of the body and respond to the increased circulation with an enhanced state of relaxation, giving the feeling of a full body massage. Great for those with poor circulation in the extremities.

50 minutes

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Concentrates on the  relief of tension and stress in the back, neck and shoulder areas. This massage is a great way to introduce someone to massage and its benefits.

30 minutes