Mentor Scar Cream : Scarguard


ScarGuard® MD Physicians Formula is proven to flatten scars and improve their appearance. ScarCare_BoxandBottle_big

The key is a unique formulation available only through a physician. It uses patented SG5® technology that combines multiple ingredients into one product that’s ideal for treating raised scars and keloids.

It also helps minimize new scar tissue after an injury or surgery which is why ScarGuard® MD Physicians Formula is the number one choice among leading plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

Key Ingredients

  • 15% topical silicone, which is clinically proven to help shrink scar tissue
  • 0.75% hydrocortisone that helps reduce irritation associated with scarring
  • 0.55% vitamin E that assists in the natural healing process by softening and providing moisture to the scar

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